Change can be good!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have combined the ALMOST DAILY PIC blog into my ARTFOODHOME.COM blog, a daily blog that includes my favorite things such as FOOD, ART, TRAVEL, HOME, THOUGHTS and now on weekends… PHOTOS… So come check it out, if you like it SUBSCRIBE so you don’t have to try to find it again, ha ha… if I feel it’s just not working I will reinstate this blog, but I’m going to see how this goes.

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Happy birthday to me! Hee hee…

Ok, so it’s my birthday, woohoo! Let there be cake (or pie!!)… Let there be health and happiness in the upcoming year for friends, family and hey, myself included! Hope you all have a great day, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY whenever it may be!! For now I am wishing for “many more…”

Wanted to let you in on a little update… I’m going to merge this blog into my DAILY blog. Now interspersed in my daily blog will be photos… most likely on weekends, I haven’t gotten this totally sorted out yet, but it will be good, stick with me… it’s my birthday present to myself 🙂 This blog will remain, it just won’t be updated (unless I’m having a blond moment and change my mind). So to keep in touch, check with me at my DAILY BLOG address… looking so forward to hearing from you in the future!

Happy Day!


Paint big! Kevin Beers painting on Monhegan Island, ME

Those of you who have been to Monhegan Island undoubtedly know Kevin Beers, and if by chance you haven’t met him you will recognize the size of his canvas. He’s the one you see walking down the road with the very large canvas (for plein air painting…!) This photo is from 2006, the first year we met Kevin. Congrats to Kevin and his wife Amy who were recently married on Monhegan Island. BREAKING NEWS: they opened a gallery on Monhegan called the BEERS and WILLIAMS STUDIO, it opened July 23. It’s in the old FISH AND MAINE PERIWINKLE space as a studio/gallery… check it out if you get a chance!!

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The road to the wharf… Monhegan Island, Maine

I love this photo because it brings back such great memories. Memories of walking to the Barnacle for a hot chocolate, a cookie, lunch, to visit, to play cards or to watch a friend of ours, Tim Bell paint on the wharf… ahhhh, good times and we can’t wait to go back! Hopefully we can meet up with all the wonderful people we’ve met over the years! HELLO to those of you who are there!! Can’t wait to see you all again! Happy Day!

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On a hot summer day our backyard is PARADISE. Ahhhh, an escape from the heat, no matter how temporary is a welcomed relief!

Stay cool y’all!

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Happy birthday to…. who?!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIDGET!! Woohooo!!! Eat cake, float down the river, have something good on the grill and relax!

Have the best birthday… EVER!! XXOO me

Pretty as a painting… boat ride in Algonac, MI

There is nothing better in the summer than to hop in the boat and go out on the river. Algonac, MI has the best water view anywhere… full of action always, it’s better than watching TV! So much to watch, you hate to run in to grab a glass of tea for fear of missing something, ha ha… this photo is a slow boat ride down one of the nearby canals, the reflective light in the water could make this a really good painting!

Have a good weekend… until next time…

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Golden Gate Bridge… a bridge of beauty!

A trip to San Francisco is always a good time! Like I’ve said in previous posts, we were hooked and went year after year. Then decided to do West coast one year and East coast the next. So we went to Maine, and haven’t been back to SF. But we need to. I’m really wanting to go back. I LOVE the weather there, I love how you can walk or hop on public transportation and be swept away only to arrive at your destination a few minutes later. So much better than driving! Great food, great experiences, wonderful wine, and we always meet new people. Need to get back, it’s on “the list”!

Enjoy your day! Until next time…

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Unique design style… Taco Boy, Charleston, SC

We have the coolest restaurants in Charleston. Each with their own ambiance, one so different from the next. I prefer the casual more eclectic places and Taco Boy hits the nail on the head. There are so many interesting things to see while dining there! What a fun job to colect this stuff! Love their light fixtures, so unique.

If you get a chance, pop into Taco Boy, it will become a habit!!

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Happy Birthday Beast!


You are TWO! Woohoo!

Photo is one year… need to find the birthday hat for this year!

Hope you have a good day! Celebrate… EAT CAKE. Enjoy your life!

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