San Francisco Boats, October 2005

Boats at Fisherman's Wharf - San Francisco, CA

A picture of some neat looking boats near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, CA in October 2005. Great vacation. Actually our last to the west coast after discovering Maine… Good times!

6 thoughts on “San Francisco Boats, October 2005

  1. Thanks Barb! So many awesome photos from those trips, whew! I think sometimes I get a little crazy with the camera… but I look at these pictures quite often… great times!

  2. Barbara- You are such a talented artist. Your pictures are so impressive and I have enjoyed going through your “Life with Charlie” blog and am excited about this new blog!

    • Well thank you Jessica! We go to some pretty incredible places, so I think it’s more the scenery of the location more than my artistic abilities, ha ha… but thank you! I do love my camera, ask Fred, ha ha… I know I drive him crazy with it! Have a good day!

    • I remember when I took that… hmmm, it looks like a postcard, looks touristy, but it’s so cool, how can you resist… hey, thanks for lugging the camera around the majority of the time, hee hee…

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