Nothing like a river view!

House on Point Du Chene, Algonac, MI

This is my parents house on the river in Algonac, MI. I know, where is Algonac? Even people from Michigan used to ask that… In the old days you used to be able to mention a landmark restaraunt at the corner (HENRY’S for those of you who remember that far back). My parents house sits across from Russell Island, on the other side of Russell Island is Canada. There is nothing like the entertainment that comes from sitting on the river watching all the activity! In the summer you have the kids floating down the river (what a blast!), jet ski’s, etc. In the winter you have the ice and the ice breakers! Better than TV any time! The cool thing… the upstairs small balcony on the left used to be my room! How great is it to have a balcony! WOW!

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