Time to say goodbye??

We think it’s time to clear some space in our house… it’s time to say goodbye to the piano… We bought this new piano with good intentions of learning how to play it, however, life got in the way… ha ha… we did take a group class that was so much fun, then the place closed and the lessons subsided… OK, so I can play a few Phantom of the Opera songs I taught myself… (so I cheat by writing in the notes, ha ha… I can play it, so that counts, right?)… How long can you keep a piano and have it take up a large corner of a small room only with the intentions of learning to play? It’s for sale… so if you’re interested, you know who to contact! It’s a Young Chang G-150 Baby Grand, asking $5700.00. Barely used. The most it’s been played is when Fred hired this wonderful girl to play it at my 40th birthday party, that thing sounded like magic… which made me feel a little guilty for holding it back, ha ha… Would love it to go to a home where it will really be played (and not just dusted!)… If you know of anyone… pass it along!

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