Home is where the heart is… and woohoo, it’s spring!

Ahhh Spring in Charleston, what could be better??! If you look closely you’ll see that our spring (at least in our neighborhood) looks quite a bit like fall everywhere else… these big old live oaks first start dropping acorns (I mean a TON of acorns), then come the leaves, like fall, the leaves just fall like crazy, and now the worst part… the ‘squiggles’ these creepy looking wormy shaped things that turn into powder. It’s messy… but hey, that’s spring! The temps can’t be beat (I prefer 60’s/70’s, but 80’s is good too… just wish it wouldn’t get warmer than that… but like clockwork, by June 1 it’s in the 90’s until usually Oct/Nov… Spring has sprung, everything is lush and green, soon the squiggles will be over… I would rather have the pollen than the heat! ha ha…

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