Shrimp boat, Shem Creek - Mount Pleasant, SC

In November I took a workshop while my sister was in town, with local artist Shannon Smith. The first day was at Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant. Great shrimp boats everywhere, all just waiting to be painted. The demo Shannon gave made it look so easy… you watch, you listen, you think… hmmm, I CAN DO THAT… that is until you start. Ha ha… Then everything falls out of your head and you can’t remember which way is up! It didn’t help that my great Soltek easel leg got stuck, and thanks to all who helped me try to unstick it, that sucker wasn’t budging… I ran home and got my cheap aluminum easel and made do with that. I need to find that painting, I think it’s better (for me) than I originally thought? It was a beautiful day. AND that evening I got the darn leg UNstuck and left all the legs pulled out for the next few days of the workshop! To see Shannon’s work, go to Her mom (Betty Anglin Smith) and sister Jennifer Smith Rodgers also show at that gallery, all are talented beyond belief! Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Great photo Barb! I have heard of a few artists who had trouble with the soltek easel. The legs get stuck. I wonder if vaseline would work? If you paint everyday, it is easier. You get great hand eye coordination. You get along with your painting equipment! You get into the zone! It becomes relaxing and exhilerating!

    • Thanks Renee, it’s been fun! So many pictures, so I figured I may as well do something with them! It seems like when I spoke to the Soltek customer service guy (the guy who builds them) I asked that… I know he did tell me to pull with all my might (which i swear we all did and it didn’t budge) it may have been the position i was in (had it on the dining room table) that made it easier, not sure, but it pulled out with no problem… then I was worried about it happening the next day so I extended all the legs and left them that way. Then second day we went to Sullivan’s Island (beach), I had read about problems with sand getting in the legs, so I asked the guy, he said to put balloons on the feet… omg, what a great idea, so i did, bright red ones and left them on the rest of the workshop, hee hee… It’s a great easel except for the sticking part which is a BIG problem in my opinion! Have a good day painting!!

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