All tied up…


All Tied Up, Rockport, ME 2009

A group of boats tied up in Rockport, Maine… These boats look like they’re used on a daily basis! Still, you see these boats resting gently against the sea, and it just seems so peaceful. Almost makes you want to give up the fancy car, the oversized house, the swimming pool, etc. etc. to live the simple life. Move to Maine, buy a smaller house (ideally on the water where there is activity for entertainment to substitute for television!). I realize most people couldn’t live this dream, but I truly think I could. The older I get, the less impressed I am by ‘whatcha got’, it’s more about how you live your life… be happy, be kind, do a good deed! So get out there (thanks Renee, hee hee… copied that part from you) and make a difference!

4 thoughts on “All tied up…

  1. Wow! I hope you do move to Maine dear Barbara! You deserve it! Just think no driving in three lane traffic! No waiting in lines to get your car tag renewed! Pure fresh air! Tap water tastes so great you go back for a second cool glass! I hope you move to Bucksport! Perfect location! You can be in Acadia National Park or at Port Clyde in one hour driving time! Hiking trails that are worth actually hiking on Mount Desert Island. Breath taking views of all of Maine on top of Cadillac Mountain! So get out there and paint!

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