Allen Island, Maine

Allen Island, ME 2009

I snapped this picture when we were on our way to Monhegan Island via the Monhegan Boat Line…  I can’t remember exactly why we took this detour, I think it had something to do with tides and or wind, but this is the island that is owned by Betsy and Andrew Wyeth. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Andrew Wyeth, he is a famous artist, he passed away at age 91 (on 1/16/09). His father was N.C. Wyeth (famous artist), his son Jamie is another famous artist. There are many intriguing books about the Wyeth family. This island seems so peaceful. If you ever get a chance to check out one of the many books on the family I hope you find them as interesting as I do! Thanks for visiting! Now get out there and have a great weekend wherever you may be!

2 thoughts on “Allen Island, Maine

    • Thanks! We love Monhegan! Hey, I have a photo that will be in the Monhegan Associates 2011 calendar, ha ha… very exciting… Check out the book Andrew Wyeth – A Secret Life by Richard Merryman. I bought it at the Farnsworth Museum Gift Shop… great book! Tells alot about the family! Also love the book of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings where he describes what he was thinking in each one, it’s SO INTERESTING! Have a good weekend and thanks for visiting, hee hee

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