Beets and rice on the roof!


OK, so I usually try to make this blog more about the photograph than the story, but this is a story that must be told, therefore the picture will pale in comparison… Last weekend we bought some fresh beets at the Farmer’s Market… I roasted them and Fred enjoyed the heck out of them… there were a few left at the end of the week, along with a small amount of rice that didn’t get eaten. Fred cleaned out the fridge and put those two down the garbage disposal. Flash forward to Saturday night, we had just walked to the store and rented a movie (The Blind Side, excellent movie, btw!), made fresh rhubarb crisp (omg, thanks Martha Stewart for the great recipe), I was talking on the phone with my mom when I heard a horrible shreik (fred), the sink was filling up with goopy beet juice/water/sludge/rice omg… BYE MOM… Fred is (carefully) plunging away at the sink (beet juice, omg), I open the back door and I see beets and rice on the porch OMG, where did that come from? Then I look and it’s in the bushes, windowsill… omg, he’s plunging and it’s COMING THROUGH THE WINDOW? Uh, no… rice can’t go through a screen, rethink… where the heck is this coming from? Fred goes outside and looks on the roof (Ok, so I would NEVER have thought about checking the ROOF) and coming out of the vent pipe is all kinds of creepy stuff including beets and rice. YES folks, beets and rice on the roof (I told ya!)… on the awning, porch, walkway, shrubs, omg, it’s everywhere. Fred had to climb under the house a multitude of times and crawled back out (in the DARK ! he’s too brave!) soaked with the sludge that fell into his lap once he broke the clog free. I’ll leave out all the details like getting the garden hose stuck in the vent pipe on the roof (twice!) using it as a snake… Suffice to say it was a long night. Things are oh so good now! So for all of you out there, don’t take your plumbing for granted, hee hee… now GET OUT AND ENJOY THE DAY!

6 thoughts on “Beets and rice on the roof!

    • Oh yeah… it’s a blast, ha ha… I was worn out and all I did was run in and out in and out. Fred was up on the roof, under the house, under the sink, eeeeeekkkkk! So glad I was born a girl… I sure would make one sissy boy when it comes to crawling under the house, omg… and ours is nice and dry/barrier, etc… but egads, who knows who/what’s under there with you??? hee hee

  1. Oh Jessica, you should have seen him… what a trooper… talk about sticking with it until the problem is solved… whew! he was filthy dirty, we sat down to watch the movie and both fell asleep, ha ha, past our bedtime! great movie suggestion, thanks for that!

    • Oh yes! It was a blast… literally, ha ha… I can’t imagine crawling under the house IN THE DARK (or in the light)… If it wasn’t such a tense situation I would have loved to have taken pictures during the process, ha ha… Just don’t think it would have been appreciated at the time… darn! Have a good day!

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