Ripe for the picken’ and the ‘real scoop’…

Ripe for the Picken - Sonoma, CA

Ohhh weeee, these grapes look ripe for the picken’ don’t they?? This was taken at a winery in Sonoma back in 2005 (our last trip to San Fran) when we took a tour to Sonoma… I really didn’t want to go on a tour bus. The thought of being trapped for a day with a bunch of strangers listening to touristy type stuff just didn’t appeal to me, but I gave in and I’m sure glad I did! Next time we go we can rent a car and go ourselves, but the first time is great to do a tour. Our guide was awesome, he was hilarious and that made a big difference! At each winery they would tell us a little of the history behind the place, you know, family business, been in the family for generations, yada yada yada (thanks Bridget for those colorful words via your blog, hee hee). Then we’d get on the tour bus and head out and he would say… what did they tell you about the winery… we all would speak up by explaining that a man and his wife own it, blah blah blah… he said NOW LET ME TELL YOU THE REAL STORY… ohmy, much more colorful in kind of Dynasty meets Entertainment TV/Star magazine kind of way, ha ha… the battles between the spouses, the who’s sueing who, oh wow… sometimes TMI but hey, it’s entertainment right? There is one picture I really wish I would have gotten. We’re in the bus, on the way back and the driver is stopped at a  red light. There is a couple (honeymoon couple?) sitting on a bench making out… he says via the microphone ‘watch this’, he beeps his horn and waves and they see the entire bus is watching them, they turned beet (omg, beets… bah!) red and turned away until we drove past… I thought I was going to fall out of my seat! Hee hee… Hey, it’s nice out (at least here in Charleston it is), so get out and enjoy the day!!

4 thoughts on “Ripe for the picken’ and the ‘real scoop’…

    • ‘The sun will come out tomorrow….’ – right??  😉

      Thanks Renee! Love reading your blog as well! So full of great info, great photos, GREAT ART… you keep the world entertained!

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