You do all that for only $1.75/pound???

Lobster Boats - Port Clyde, ME 2009

Whooooa, have you ever watched the show LOBSTER WARS? Have you seen the insane dangers that go along with being on a lobster boat? Whew, the stories that are told are amazing. We spoke to the nicest guy in Port Clyde, he told us all about the industry, how they’re paid so little for the lobsters now, yet the restaurants pay big money (and us being tourists stopped at this cool, or so we thought at the time, fish place to get some fresh lobster to put in mac & cheese, at $34 a pound)!  As of fall 2009 the lobstermen were paid $1.75/lb!! The restaurants still charge steep prices (for something, according to Alton Brown on the Food Network, is kin to the cockroach! I used to see lobsters in tanks and want to set them free, ha ha… now I think, hmmm… Off with their heads… I digress, sorry… bugs scare me… ha)… I sure hope there is a way to make this on a more even keel. They work hard, they take their lives in their hands and for what? $1.75 a pound? It’s their livelihood, it’s been what they do for generation after generation. Port Clyde is one of the last true working fishing villages that remain. Hopefully it will stay that way! Now get out and eat some lobster! Buy it from a fisherman! (ok, in SC, buy shrimp!) – BUY LOCAL; BE LOCAL!

4 thoughts on “You do all that for only $1.75/pound???

  1. Nice photo! Yeah well I think sometimes they get more for their lobster! I am getting some lobsters soon from my art collector who is a lobsterman! Haaaaa! I also have figured out how to buy cheap lobster! You go to the lobsterwharf where the men sell their lobsters. Then you ask the man in charge! How many lobsters can I get with 20$ bill? Smile? Comes back with a bag full of lobsters! I could not even barely get them into my giant pot! I did of course. Hee Hee. I did let a lobster go once. I painted him first, then released him. I thought it would be the perfect ending. Well my friend wanted to go down to wharf again that day. I saw uncooked lobster shell all over the place. Lobsters get weak from being captured. Too weak to be able to swim away. Their claws really can not open or close either. Sad. I still have this painting of Fred. Sad ending of this story! Seagulls loved him. Hee Hee

  2. I hope they do get more… I know several years ago on that Lobster Wars show they were getting $5/lb… I forget the reason that this guy told us it was down to $1.75… darnit… EEK on the wharf, ha ha… I don’t feel bad for them anymore after I found out they’re related to cockroaches which FREAK ME OUT… I only see a few a year and I nearly have a heart attack each time… yuck! LOVE how YOU get lobster! Smart girl!

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