Hey everyone… meet Mr. Pickle!

Henry Parkhurst (AKA "Mr. Pickle") -Monhegan Island, ME 2009

Everyone, I’d like for you to meet Mr. Pickle, ummmm, I mean Hank Parkhurst. We met Hank on Monhegan Island in 2008. Hank had worked at the Island Inn kitchen and had come back because it had been 50 years since he’d been there! The staff showed him the kitchen, he said not a lot has changed. He was thrilled to come back to see that not a lot on the island itself has changed. Hank is a member of the House of Representatives (New Hampshire), and has the MOST interesting stories to tell! I remember talking with Hank, and he was telling me of his upcoming travels, then asked about mine…I told him we plan to return the next year, he said he never goes to the same place twice, there are too many places in the world to see. I took some fantastic photographs of Hank in 2008 and sent him some in a Christmas card. I received a note from him shortly before we were due to leave for Maine, enclosed was an article about “Mr. Pickle”. He dresses up as Mr. Pickle for various festivals. The pictures were hilarious! Such a neat guy with a great attitude! I swear some of his gestures remind me of my grandma who has since departed… the note that he sent mentioned that he’d see us on Monhegan! Ahhh, he got the bug, the overwhelming desire to return year after year after year! It becomes somewhat of an obsession… the anticipation is a big part of the trip, I’m looking so forward to that! Hank’s a cool guy, when we left the island last year he sent us packing with a bottle of wine from New Hampshire (that was very good!) in a cool wine cooler coozy thing. Too sweet! See ya soon Hank!

2 thoughts on “Hey everyone… meet Mr. Pickle!

  1. Interesting. I think Monhegan Island is a very unique place. When I am on Monhegan Island I am focused on the present. Not focused on the past. I think it is impossible to be thinking about the past here. I never think about my future either. The scenery is amazing. I like all of the junk laying about. The people who live there can be a little irritable. I think that is pretty funny too. The first time I went to Monhegan, I hated all of the trash everywhere, the nasty residents, and lack of cars! Now I can not wait to go back. What happened here? Did I change?

  2. Funny you say that! Our first year there we ran into some not so friendly folks… I told Fred, LETS GET OUTTA HERE! But since we paid, we stayed and thank goodness! It’s what we live to do each year! We just want to make it back to the island for that one week, it’s HEAVEN! I too love all the stuff, have come to know a few of the residents, and can totally see their point of view on tourists… shoot, when you’re there you start dreading the boat filled with tourists, ha ha… even though you are one of them! A very special place where you do not think about anything but the present, you are so right! Never thought of that! Have a good day painting Renee!

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