Monhegan Fred – my sexy husband!

You know how some photos just linger in your heart long after you’ve looked at them? Well this is a perfect example!  This was our first year on Monhegan where the mornings are cool, the afternoons can get nicely warm and the evenings get downright chilly. No heat in the inn, just a cozy down comforter and boy does that ever make good sleeping weather! I LOVE this picture of Fred, he is SO happy in this picture. We were walking towards the school house just past the gallery when I snapped this. I felt like a crazy person out of control with a camera. Each year it seems I take even more photos than the year before! The beauty here is like something you just cannot imagine and the photos really don’t do it justice. I love getting back to Monhegan each year, where you can forget about work and worries and just be… I sure hope this is what Heaven is like! Now get out and do something that makes you smile!

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