RELAX, don’t jump!

5th Floor Lobby window - Inn at Union Square, San Fran 2005

AHHHH, the lobby window on the 5th floor… Inn at Union Square… we would sit at a table in the morning eating our homemade granola/yogurt/fruit/pastries, drinking the best coffee in the world and making our big plans for the day, all while sitting near the window in the small lobby. At night we would sit at the window looking out and watching the people passing by while we had our wine, cheese, nuts and assorted treats. Wow, do you ever get spoiled after a week of treats!  Ha ha… It was a meditative type experience, just chilling and watching… more looking out the window in the morning as opposed to evening, when great people would gather around, from all over the world, we talked, we drank wine, we made friends! The inn has since been redone, one day we’ll get back there to check it out! Enjoy the world around you, get out and relax, I’m sure you deserve it!

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