Hiking Trail 1/14 – owweeee what a view!

Hiking Trail 1/14 - Monhegan Island, ME

Have you ever had that great feeling, the feeling that you are WHERE you’re supposed to be? Where everything feels right? Where the people, the land, the sea all come together and make you so happy to be alive? Where greatness is all around you? You hear the calm of the peaceful sea. You see breathtaking vistas everywhere you look. You hear the birds, the boats,  AND the quiet. You have a chance to just be… without having to answer the phone, or an email or get ready for work. I first felt this feeling on the dock in Port Clyde, ME. I think it was when we first arrived in Port Clyde the first year. I had this overwhelming desire to never leave. I’ve never felt so strongly about a place in all my life. (Coming home it was much worse… I threatened to not leave the dock… ha ha).  I told Fred… THIS is where I feel I should be… then we went to Monhegan… WOW, by the end of the day I was in love with the island. I’m not a ‘tough gal’ I would love to think I could make it on the island in the winter, but maybe Port Clyde is close enough for me with summers on Monhegan, hee hee… OK, maybe I’m a self proclaimed wimp… it’s OK, I can take it! Hiking on the trails on Monhegan does give us a heightened sense of awareness of how fortunate we are for everything, no matter how big or small… This trail is one of our favorites, the only time we’ve really seen that side of the island is on the “Booze Cruise” (2PM too early for a glass of wine, so I usually take coffee, ha ha)… it was a real treat last year to walk this trail, I am looking so forward to it this year! Now close your eyes (ok, read this first and then close your eyes), take a deep breath, picture a place that gives you that feeling, the feeling of peacefulness… imagine you are there… don’t you feel better already?

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