Mexico – Cruise from Charleston, SC

Steps in Mexico - 2007

Isn’t this a cool photo? The patina that age gives it is more appealing I think… Took this photo when in Mexico on a cruise… A cruise? Ahhh, yeah, a cruise. I never thought myself to be a cruise person (still don’t), but my husband always wanted to go on one… One day when my parents were visiting, we were downtown Charleston and a cruise ship was in port. It was fascinating how it loomed so large above the city or so it seemed. Fred mentioned how neat it would be for us all to take a cruise. He asked my mom… she said “I will if Barbara will”… ok, “I will if you will”… and the rest is history. By the end of the week Fred had booked the cruise through Norwegian Cruise lines, it departed from Charleston, which was nice… More on this story another time. Unbeknownst to us, it was Spring Break… enough said! Ha ha… We had a great time with good food and PLENTY of entertainment, omg!

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