Like Mother Like Son...

As many of you will notice, today I have two posts. (Click the “>” arrow to see the first Mother’s Day blog entry). One for each of our Mother’s… I would like you all to meet Bobbie, this is Fred’s mom. She’s the sweetest lady, also known as an angel. She is constantly helping others. She will come from Summerville at a moments notice to help with Meals on Wheels. If we ever need anything she is there. I think the world of you, think of you as my South Carolina mom, and THANK YOU for having Fred. You are two peas in a pod, so to speak, it’s almost scary sometimes, ha ha… so HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! And now I will turn it over to your son… Here’s Fred, short but sweet and very heartfelt:

Happy Mothers Day to a special person whom i love so much – thanks for all you do – you’re the best!

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