What were you doing a year ago yesterday?

What were we doing a year ago yesterday? We were on our way to pick up our painting by Betty Anglin Smith… An awesome painting that we have admired forever.  (To view more of Betty’s work go to www.smithkillian.com where you’ll see her work as well as work from her triplets, Shannon (oil), Jennifer (oil), and Tripp (photography) – a talented family indeed! And if you get a chance to stop in the gallery, tell Leigh (the gallery manager) HELLO!  Hope you all enjoyed Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day (belated) to you all! Whether you’re a mom of a human or a mom of the four-legged variety, ha ha!! Happy day! Now get out and enjoy the sunshine… or snow 😉

2 thoughts on “What were you doing a year ago yesterday?

    • I KNOW!!! Egads! hee hee…. we will love it forever! Glad to be connected via FB! Have a good day, I bet you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!! The weather was PERFECT!! Take care!

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