Little known dream island… and the three muskateers

Headed Home...

The Three Monhegan Muskateers is what I had saved this picture as… ha ha… This was taken on the boat on our way back to the mainland (2008). You see the flowers Fred and I are holding? There is a cool island story behind those! Some of the people that we see year after year on the island, that work at the Island Inn (“mary” and “aga”) had given us those flowers. The way it works is like this… you throw the flowers over the side of the boat (once you get going), if they float back to the pier that means you’ll be back, if they don’t float back to the pier, you won’t be back… for some reason they ALWAYS float back! Which is a good feeling when you’re having to leave such a special place… it makes it a bit easier to take!

This picture shows Fred and I with Scott Dulin in the middle. We met Scott the previous year on the boat heading back to the island, so it was nice to catch up with him over dinner and wine. Monhegan is the coolest place to meet interesting people of all kinds. It absolutely facinates me! We are bundled up for the ride back, polar fleece with a raincoat to block the wind, ha ha… I love staying outside when on the boat no matter how cold it gets!

This was on the Monhegan Island website yesterday: Monhegan is considered the only “little known dream Island” in the US and is in the top 10 of the world!

3 thoughts on “Little known dream island… and the three muskateers

  1. Oh You are so pretty! I didn’t know about the flowers floating back to the dock! I have seen people with flowers. I saw them throwing them in! Now I know! I have met some very great artists there. I have learned a lot from some of these people. It is a magical place. I love Monhegan too!

  2. omg! this is too much for me, hee hee… ya’ll are too funny. Lucky to have you too Fred, the light of my life, sounds corny but it’s true! Love you!

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