Taco Boy – My hero…!


Cool place, eh? You’re sitting at your computer looking at this thinking, whooooaaaa is that a cool place… then by the end of this post you’ll be hungry… sorry about that… hee hee… This is a picture of one of my favorite places to eat… TACO BOY! Since I have a possible soy allergy there really hasn’t been anywhere to eat out (unless I want lettuce/no dressing), but yipeeeee, Taco Boy will make me something special, and OMG is it ever good! Can’t have a tortilla, but I CAN have a corn tortilla, can’t have marinated chicken or the salsas (vegetable oil which contains soy) but I CAN have the pico sauce, so UNmarinated chicken, pico sauce and a side of their super guacamole, ohmygosh! I’m in heaven! I try to go early, and I take the email from the chef on Folly that shows what’s safe (nice guy to take the time to do that!). I go early and hand them the email to prevent confusion.  I don’t care if I can only eat one thing, I AM THRILLED! Great tea too! So here’s to you Taco Boy, and to our patient server GRANT (we try to get him each week)! Much appreciated! So get out and visit Taco Boy… if you’re not in Charleston –  soon you’ll be able to hop on a SOUTHWEST AIRLINES flight to get here, for now just get here however you can ya’heyaaa!

5 thoughts on “Taco Boy – My hero…!

  1. What a super photo! This would make a cool painting too… How impressive that the chef there took the time to accomodate your needs. Two thumbs up for TACO BOY!!

  2. I discovered corn tortillas the other day in the grocrey store! I love refried beans, cheese, chopped onions, bit of enchilladas sauce inside one of these warmed in pan! I love them! Luckily Robert does too! I take those corn tortillas and put one in pan on high. I flip them. They brown up and are nice and crisp and chewy! You can put anything inside them! Delicious! Yes you did make me hungry! I may make some of those tonight!

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