The demise of the TO DO list…


You know how when you’re taking a shower you think of all kinds of things that need to be done (omg, hope that’s not just me! oh no, maybe I’m confessing to being a shower thinker when the rest of the world well, just takes a shower!) I’m in there and I’m thinking ohhhh, don’t forget to do this and this and this. I get out of the shower and *POOF* it’s gone, right down the drain! Well today, I sat down, made my grand TO DO list with every single little detail listed. It was a full list including who to call, who to send a card to, what stores to go to and the various list for each, what to clean, websites to research and the list goes, well went, on and on…  Hmmm, I’m in the back of the house and I hear a rumble, a beasty rumble, meaning Charlie (Jack Russell) has gotten into something he shouldn’t… OMG is he drinking my coffee again? NO, I put it on the mantle… hmmm WHAT could he possibly have???

You guessed it!

THE LIST! Well a big THANK YOU to Charlie today, because now my TO DO list has been wiped clean so since I simply cannot remember everything on the list I’m free as a bird, hee hee… maybe I’ll try to paint today!? Hope you ‘lose’ your TO DO list today! Enjoy your day, go sniff an azalea if there are any still blooming… Until “tomorrow”…

2 thoughts on “The demise of the TO DO list…

  1. Oh, I love this! “The dog ate my to do list!”

    I found the perfect to do list in a catalog once. It is a notebook, in landscape orientation, with three columns on each page: TASKS, ERRANDS, CONTACTS.

    I went to great lengths to try to order the notebook, even down to finding a store where it was sold (and in stock) in a town I was going to be visiting. Well, the “store” was a warehouse, and after a bunch of phone calls, I found out the notebook is no longer being made. Dang, why does the good stuff get discontinued, this time even before I got to try it?

    My master list is now online (in Word) with the above-mentioned column headings. It is fun to go in and highlight what I’m going to tackle today, and delete what I got done the day before. I print it off and I’m ready to rock and roll.

    Since I work from home, I also have a WORK column (a catch-all) for ideas that come to me throughout the day.

    I suppose your to do list became Charlie’s to doodoo list? Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    • Charlie’s to doodoo list, hee hee… am laughing! Too true! Hope it at least tasted good, ha ha… It was a nice TO DO list… hee hee… bought a pad of them last year on vacation (when else can you justify it?), and I love them. This one has four quadrants (well, duh) Tasks, Errands, Correspondence and Notes. So it works perfectly, well, until someone eats it! I used to use Google TO DO list, been if you get signed out you see regular google and then forget about the to do part, hee hee… or maybe it’s just me, wishful thinking? Have a great day Diane! Hope the weather is warming up??!

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