What are you doing this weekend? How about this…?


Ahhh weekend plans, always nice… although sometimes the lack of a plan is even better! What a luxury to not run errands, to not have to be somewhere. I’m really thinking about all you working people (I do remember what it’s like!), how you’re gone all week sitting at a desk slaving away, then comes the weekend, so now you need to run errands to get everything ready for the next work week. BAH! I hope you can relax and enjoy your weekend without any plans! If you’re thinking about a future vacation, Uncle Henry’s is a cottage for rent on Monhegan Island, it’s an oldy, very very cool! A lot of artists have painted this cottage, and, well, every other cottage on Monhegan, ha ha… What a view, huh? And the dark of the shadows in the building against the bright green, I LOVE IT! Well I’m off to walk the dog and get ready for my day, I’m going to try to paint today, wish me luck! Hope your weekend is a relaxing one!

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