Timeless travel through the canals – Algonac, MI

HOWDY III - Russell Island, MI

One day we were bopping around the canals in the boat… have you done that? It’s so much fun to putter along through the different canals and see all the sights. Many you take to get one place or another, but I think they’re a great venue  for taking photographs! One example is HOWDY III, a neat little Chris Craft (I’m 99.9% sure that’s what it is) on Russell Island. Russell Island is a cool island that you can see across the river from my parents house. On the other side of Russell Island is Canada. Talk about timeless travel, it almost seems like time has stood still (well, with the exception of the golf cart, but since there are no cars on the island, a golf cart can come in handy!)… Here’s to a happy day, where you can bee-bop along merrily without distractions and truly enjoy and appreciate all that happens!

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