Oh no! What have I done!??

CHARLIE - the "after" shot...

You know when you go to get a haircut and they swivel you around to face the mirror and OMG WHAT HAPPENED is all you can think of (while they gush how you look so great with your new screwed-up-feels-like-it’ll-never-grow-back haircut), I had that feeling yesterday. I took Charlie to get the hair that was poking in front of his eyes (I thought obstructing his view) trimmed. The woman was super with him and in a few snips he could see again, BUT some of his ‘scruffyness’ was gone. OMG what have I done! I wish I knew WHAT he was thinking! Turns out I must look at him too much, ha ha… no one else can tell… Whew…I think the hair is already starting to grow back! I won’t go into my own hair mishaps, they’ve been bad, very bad, ok, so I will write about them one day because I think (i think??) I can laugh now! Have a good Thursday – here’s hoping to a good hair day!

4 thoughts on “Oh no! What have I done!??

    • Thanks! He’s my little beast… so precious when he sleeps, ha ha… which is a good bit of the day. He’s like grandma was, liked to stay up late and sleep in… lovely when I get up at 5am… jeez!

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