Treat yourself… it’ll make you happy!

Pick yourself some posies!

Head on down to the Charleston Farmer’s Market today, you’ll be glad you did! Pick yourself some posies, some great strawberries, assorted other fruits and vegetables and make a day of it! We’re going to take Charlie with us so he can visit with the other beasts walking around. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Treat yourself, it’ll make you happy!

2 thoughts on “Treat yourself… it’ll make you happy!

  1. Hi Barb,

    Wonderful photo! Would love to see a photo of Charlie at the Farmers Market.

    I am heading to Opening Day of the Marquette Farmers Market – right now!


    • LOVE the Farmer’s Market! Fresh fruit and veggies all week! Enjoy yours! Unfortunately, this week the beast is exhausted, we walked early to avoid the heat and he is too pooped to party, ha ha… hopefully next week! Have fun, hope you get some good stuff!

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