Island Inn Hillside by Ted Tihansky


Ahhhh, the hill that leads to paradise! We loved this painting from the moment we set eyes on it! A painting of the hill leading to the Island Inn on Monhegan Island, ME. I love how the people can pretty much be who you want them to be. I love a loose painting, it’s a shame I paint so tight… I can use a brush from Lowe’s and STILL have the ability to make it so darn tight, ugh… However, the more I explore and see what other artists do, the better I can become. Well, OK, so the more I paint the better I can become, details details! This was a Christmas gift from Fred. I love this! Ted and his wife Alison Hill (also an awesome artist!) live on Monhegan, you often see their story in magazines, I love it! You can see more of Ted’s work (and his wife Alison) at

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