My attempt to be loose…

Port Clyde, ME (on left) - Monhegan Island, ME (right)

Ok, so it’s probably not the “loose” you expected, but hey, here’s my attempt. I wish I could be a loose artist and not tight. Like I’ve mentioned before I can use a Lowe’s brush and still be tight. I admire people who can take out all the details and make a painting loose, where from up close, it’s almost a mess, but take a step back and ahhhh MASTERPIECE! Well, neither of these fall into the second category. The painting on the left was done a few years ago in the studio, from a photograph… outside the Periwinkle cottage in Port Clyde, ME. I happen to love this little painting… The painting on the right is of the lightkeeper’s house on Monhegan Island, ME. I tried to be loose, and for me, this is it… I’ll keep trying, this isn’t something to put in a frame, merely a lesson to learn along the way… it’s mighty brave of me to post this I think, ha ha… any suggestions let me know! And hey, if you’re the one person out there that likes it… I’ll make you a deal, hee hee…

6 thoughts on “My attempt to be loose…

  1. The fact that you can take an empty canvas and CREATE is amazing to me. I think they are great and you will only get better the more you pain, right? šŸ™‚

  2. Hmmm, well, that is the idea, so we’ll see! They say it takes 1,000 paintings before you start getting a good one, so I figure I have about 900 or so left to go (or more)… I need to go paint now… practice makes perfect… or something, ha ha…

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