Another painting down, more to learn from, none to hang, but it’s OK!

Shrimp Boat - Shem Creek; Mount Pleasant, SC

OK, am I brave or what?? I think this was probably not wise of me to do, but maybe if I embarass myself enough it will force me to paint more, and more = better… it can’t hurt! The other day I posted a picture of a painting that I had started over the top of another painting that failed, a painting of a lighthouse. I’m thinking that some of you thought the top picture was a painting of mine (omg), it was the photograph I was painting from, so you can re-judge (click on ARCHIVES top right and it will show a thumbnail of all posts so you can click to quickly get to that post). This is it, although the picture I took was crooked, I did change a few things, I added the piling I forgot on the right hand side, ugh… not sure what else. It’s not great, but for me, it’s not horrible. I got some good advice from an artist friend of mine, John Oat (check out his work! nice guy, great art! ) to just lay down color and not worry about making it a complete painting… sometimes it will evolve into that without worrying so much about it being something ‘finished’. OK… I am going to try that, focus on color and instead of being so worried about making a thing a thing I’m going to focus on painting a shape and not caring about what it is, because it shouldn’t matter… it’s this left brain/right brain thing… whew! Well, like I keep saying… find art you love and buy it, pay the artist whatever they want, ha ha… seriously, they deserve it! Until tomorrow…

6 thoughts on “Another painting down, more to learn from, none to hang, but it’s OK!

  1. I think it’s super! I love the fishing boat and all the stuff in the back of it! The deep tones of the background is so cool and your water is choppy! Just like in the ocean… keep painting!!!

  2. Thanks! Better from a distance, ha ha… some of the colors from the old painting of the lightkeeper’s house came through where the stuff in the back of the boat is, so i did some painting but left some to show through which added a lot i think… i notice another thing about my paintings that i don’t like… NOT ENOUGH PAINT, but if i try to add more it’s gunky of i add turp it flows nicely but is flat no brushstrokes… hmmmmmm.

  3. Good job! Keep all water strokes horizontal! Even if you see some slanted. I learned this recently! Thought I would pass it on. Yes! Do an impression on location! Do color sketches. Try the palette knife only painting plein aire!

  4. You’re right Renee, i need to GET OUT AND PAINT… hmmm, where have I heard that? hee hee…. thanks for your suggestions, you’re right, the water isn’t supposed to be choppy and horizontal lines would have fixed that. I realized it the next day… I love the way you do water, so I will keep my strokes horizontal from now on! Thanks so much for the tip!

  5. Nice work! I like what you did with the reflected light off the water. You created some great shapes on the cabin and stern of the boat. It’s good too that you ran the rigging out of the painting…more interesting than stopping it at the top. Also like the colors in the boat. One suggestion (I am working on this all the time too), watch your dark shadows. Put just a touch of a lighter color inside your darks and they will pop more–a dab of green/blue inside a purple shadow, or orange/red. You did it in the windows and they look good!

    • Thanks John! I appreciate your comments so much!! I’m making notes! I will try that! I guess I did it in the windows w/o realizing it, ha ha! Thanks so much!!

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