What a view – windows looking out to the sea…

Windows with a view of the sea

Can you imagine waking up in the morning, walking over to your window and looking out and seeing this beautiful view? WOW… The feelings of peace and tranquility that this image conjures up is immeasurable! We rented a neat cottage in Port Clyde, ME a few years ago. My mom and dad joined us for their first (but not last!) trip to Maine. This picture is my mom at the windows in the upstairs bedroom. I love how the windows open out… I can remember taking this photo, I was so happy, it was a cool cottage, very rustic (no heat, etc.) but wow, for someone who loves to take photographs, it was a dream come true! Enjoy your day! Until tomorrow…

6 thoughts on “What a view – windows looking out to the sea…

  1. You should paint this scene Barb! I love it! Would make a nice painting! It is beautiful here in Maine…60s! Last night it was in the 40s. Love it here. Lupines are all over! The ocean in my backyard is a beautiful blue! Wish you could see it.

  2. Thanks again Barbara, that picture brings back those wonderful memories again. Keep taking pictures and sharing….love ma

  3. Ahhh thanks ma! ha ha… I feel the same way, that picture makes me so happy… it was such a great visit, a great cottage, perfect in every way! Ahhhh!

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