Making a change, your opinion matters!


Living room turned dining room...

I’m someone who likes change. Odd. Most people don’t welcome it. I crave it. Well, most of the time! I have moved furniture around frequently since I was a little kid. I always LOVED to do that, it made a room that got boring into a wonderful, magical, NEW space, one I had never been in before! It works with moving something as small as paintings to something as big as a piano, OR an entire room (our ‘living room’ is now our ‘dining room’ it works for us – we had great times at the dining room table this winter with a roaring fire, books, wine, treats… ohhhh yeah, life is good!). Ok, so this time it’s not furniture (not today anyway, hee hee), but this blog… I love the format of it, how the background colors adapt to the photo, what I do NOT like (for you) is the fact that you have to click the arrow and wait… to get to the next (or previous) post. That makes me crazy. So I’ve been longing for a photoblog theme that doesn’t have an arrow (haven’t seen one yet), however, this one is close. I just need to make my photos a bit smaller, and for now you’ll have to scroll to see the older large ones. What do you prefer, the old version with larger photos and the arrow to click to see previous/next photos, or this version, where image is slightly smaller but you can scroll down to see images? This time, change is in your hands, ha ha… powerful, eh? Let me know! Until tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Making a change, your opinion matters!

  1. Hi Barbara! Thanks for asking – that is very considerate. Either way works for me, but what I am seeing in this version is still the arrows, and not the capability to scroll down to see images – just FYI.

  2. WELL THANK YOU DIANE! When I see it I get the option to scroll down! Hmmm, I sure cannot explain this! I’ll see if others are seeing the same, because if so, that gives me my answer right off the bat!
    Have a great day! Heat index 108 here! ugh….

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