An artist to check out… Tim Bell…


Tim Bell, artist - painting on Monhegan 2006

The talent on Monhegan Island is unbelievable… you really cannot even fathom the amount of brilliant people walking around doing their thing. Day after day you see the artists that live there (Don Stone, Ted Tihansky, Alison Hill), either in their studios or out painting. There are a number of other artists who visit Monhegan to paint as often as they possibly can. We met the artist in this photograph in 2006. Our first year in Maine. My first time plein air painting. I’m looking for a cliff (which I found! only had to step over a dead rat to get to a nice quiet spot, and then on the way back had to jump over a (live) snake – that makes me pretty darn tough in my book (those of you who know me are laughing hard right now I realize!)… then I see this artist painting by the Island Inn, which is right when you get off the island at the top of the hill, meaning EVERYONE has to walk by you… I thought, whew… brave soul… I watched and was facinated. He clearly wasn’t a vacationing artist, this guy KNEW what the heck he was doing. He was painting Uncle Henry’s at sunset. (That painting has long since sold and we regret not buying it every day!)… It looked so easy, I went up to him, hating to interrupt, told him this was my first time trying to paint, and I thought he was awful brave for painting right in the ‘spotlight’ so to speak. He laughed, and told me that no one would know if I was some great artist or not, so I really needed to not think about that and just paint. Well… true enough… so I pretended, ha ha… it was big fun, one man even took a picture of ‘an artist’ (i didn’t want to burst his bubble). Tim was awesome, he can talk and paint (wow!) he gave me names of books I should read, of things he does, he pointed out subtle things that I never would have realized. It was like the most awesome art education all stuck in a small amount of time. I will forever be grateful for that. We ran into him the next year as well, and I got more info watching him paint. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I can’t watch him and then go paint a masterpiece, that’s many years in the future, but at least I have some idea of what to do and that’s so helpful! If you get a chance Google Tim Bell (artist), he lives in Maryland. His website is When you Google him you’ll see the list of galleries that he’s in: South Street Art Gallery, Egeli Gallery, McBride Gallery… check him out. Also check out his wife Leah. We haven’t met Leah yet, but have heard many wonderful things about her… they’re both brilliant artists! Until tomorrow…

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