I much prefer the weather in San Fran!

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA

Hopefully you have not been experiencing extreme heat where you are located. If you haven’t, consider yourself very fortunate! From everyone I have spoken to you are one of the select few.

Lucky. You.

It’s hotter than hell here and I can’t take it anymore, ha ha… Seriously, with the heat index over 100 degrees for over a month now, the harbor temp at 89 degrees and the pool temp probably somewhere in the middle life is becoming unbearable here! Charleston, SC is beautiful, historic, has a wonderful art community that can’t be beat (matched, yes, but beat? no) BUT (big b-u-t) the heat and extreme humidity have us all moving at a snails pace. Here’s hoping for a big cold front to blast through! (Wishful thinking, eh?) If CA wasn’t so bloody expensive it would truly be somewhere I would consider moving to, and soon! I think I’ll go pour an iced tea… Have a good day, until tomorrow…

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