Happy Birthday Bridget!! Woohooo!!

Birthday Bridget floating down the river...

Tonight is my sister Bridget’s birthday ‘eve’ as I like to call it, might as well start celebrating early right?? New Years Eve, Christmas Eve, why not a Birthday Eve?? (Hey Hallmark, do you hear that?? Another card opportunity!)… Bridget is my one and only sister, she’s hilarious, she’s giving, she will crack you up. She’s a mother, an artist and a very hard working wife who deserves some time off, hee hee… Check out her blog at www.bridgetjenningsfineart.com/blog or catch her on Facebook, you’ll finish reading her blog with a chuckle at least. And to Bridget…

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear Briiiii-dddd—get, Happy Birthday to you… and many more!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Float down the river, eat cake, and R-E-L-A-X! You’re the best!

Would also like to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents, woohooo!!  52 years! whew! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!

Oh, and to my Brother-in-Law… Bill Jennings, Happy Birthday to you… his birthday is the day after Bridget’s! They have a busy few days to plan!

To all of you, I am finally finished with all my happy birthday wishes… happy birthday to you, whenever it may be!

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