Happy 18 years!! Woohooooo!

Barbara and Fred... San Fran, CA 2005

I remember saying to my dad when I was young… “I can’t wait for…” (Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, etc.). He told me that as I got older time would fly… oh please! you think as a kid… I mean, really, what do adults know? Then you grow up and whoooa, TIME DOES FLY!  He. Was. Right! August 22 will mark our 18th wedding anniversary! I don’t feel that I’m much older than that (well, sometimes, ha ha), how can we be married 18 years already? I guess this is when you realize that you really have to live each moment, every minute is a gift not to be taken for granted. Eighteen years ago, Fred was at the church washing windows, making sure everything was PERFECT… Eighteen years ago I walked down the aisle of a small chapel in Summerville, SC lit only by candlelight to meet my dream come true at the alter… I have been so fortunate to meet the man of my dreams, someone who is my best friend as well as all that husband-wife stuff. We have the best time together and I can’t imagine my life without him. *Gasp* can’t even go there… So here’s to you Fred, you are my knight in shining armour, my gorgeous sexy husband, and I am thrilled to be your wife… forever and ever…

3 thoughts on “Happy 18 years!! Woohooooo!

  1. I remember the day when you two first met!! Fred came over my house and told me that he had a date with this blond he met down the street. He was really smitten. I can’t believe it is 18 years!! You two are such a great couple and He has truly has blessed you. I love you both and misses you bunches too!!!

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