A place to make your innards smile – to monhegan the first time…

On my way to Monhegan, the first time... 2006

We arrive in Maine. Whoooooa! Things are different. It seems like hoooey perhaps MAINE, THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE, like it’s just a touristy saying, but hey, the weird thing is… ITS TRUE! Oh, don’t get me wrong, I can think of plenty of people I know that would FREAK at the thought of being stuck where there isn’t high end shopping on every corner and where everyone doesn’t wear the latest fashion at all times… to me… B-O-R-I-N-G! Life is about so much more than what you have, what you wear and where you shop… but it’s GREAT that some people wouldn’t like life in Maine! Otherwise the whole world would be here! Ok, so I’m not actually from Maine… I live in Charleston, SC and I’m not even from here… I’m from Michigan, but I have been in Charleston since 1989, a few months before HUGO (what’s HUGO I asked? ha ha… h-u-r-r-i-c-a-n-e..  oh.  great.  omg…). Anyway, we get to Port Clyde and I felt like I was HOME, not like Charleston (which I love) or Michigan (which I will always love) but just like where I SHOULD BE)… so hard to describe… It hit me here in this picture (which is rough, maybe 2 hours of sleep, hence the sunglasses) that this little village of Port Clyde was to me… absolutely PERFECT! I hope you all find where you feel like you should be, a place that makes your innards smile… until next time…

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