Sausalito, CA sailboats

On our second trip to San Fran, Fred and I took a tour. I can say… I didn’t want to… Didn’t want to get stuck on a bus with a bunch of people I didn’t know and get STUCK… all. day. BUT, being the sport that I am, I gave in. We went to Muir Woods and Sausalito… WHAT A COOL TRIP THAT WAS! To try to get pictures of the redwoods is nearly impossible, they are just so big it bogles the mind! From Muir Woods we went to Sausalito, a neat place with the most fabulous little hamburger place. All these houseboats everywhere that are just so cool, from what I’ve read it’s home to many artists… how perfect is that? Instead of taking the bus back and only having an hour in Sausalito, we found the bus driver,  told him goodbye and gave him a tip. We wanted to stay! There are many galleries, and hey, it’s just a neat place to walk around. When we were done we took the ferry back to San Fran, which took us to the Ferry Building, another really neat place! Definitely the best in my opinion! Next time you’re in San Francisco check it out! Until next time…

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