The Periwinkle Cottage, Port Clyde, Maine

Periwinkle Cottage, Port Clyde, Maine

What a spectacular cottage this is! It’s called “Periwinkle”, and it has one of the most magnificent fireplaces in all the land! This is a rustic cottage, as in very rustic, no heat… chilly nights and a big roaring fire… woohoo! Oh, wish I was there now! It’s so wonderful how the sound of the ocean (only steps away) just lulls you into a nice deep sleep… it’s just so relaxing! The view? Can you say WOW!!! You can see Monhegan Island in the distance, lobsterman doing their thing, birds in flight, you can just sit all day and watch “nature’s tv”! I hope you have a place that is special to you, like the Periwinkle is to us! Until next time…

2 thoughts on “The Periwinkle Cottage, Port Clyde, Maine

    • YES! Beyond awesome… it wasn’t fancy (thank goodness), but it was like a movie set, very rustic, no heat, but who cares! LOVED IT! We too would love to live there year round… heavy sigh…

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