Tim Bell painting on Monhegan…


Photo of Tim Bell painting at Lobster Cove (Monhegan Island, ME). I took this photo the first year we met Tim, an artist from Maryland… we met him on Monhegan Island. We have met the most intriguing people on the island! This photo was taken from a distance, he was painting near Lobster Cove. Check out that stance… whoa… it’s perfect (and not easy on rocky terrain)! I need to learn this, I guess I get all uptight when I attempt to paint and I don’t do my back any favors… he was very generous with painting information, which I was trying to absorb like a sponge! If you haven’t checked out Tim’s work before, check out his website www.bellartstudio.com. He’s very talented and so is his wife Leah, amazing portraits… together they make one talented couple. Until next time…

One thought on “Tim Bell painting on Monhegan…

  1. Hey Barbara and Fred! Thanks for sending. Tim is there now painting. The weather is fabulous since Earl cleared out. Yeah! Can’t wait to see the painting, it should be a good week. Best to you guys!

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