Talk about room with a view!

Dining Room - Periwinkle Cottage

Can you imagine having this view every day? Me either… This is the dining room at the Periwinkle cottage, to sit and listen to the surf crashing on the rocks, watch the lobstermen pulling in their catch… whoaaaa! It’s not fancy (yay!) it’s rustic, and I was never sure I would like a rustic cottage, but after you have one (in Maine at least) it would be hard (for me) to rent a cottage that was more like a house… part of the charm is no heat… heat the house with the massive fireplace… It’s truly a treat… (well thanks to Fred who enjoys building one hell of a fire) and the anticipation of one day being there again is going to kill me, ha ha… I hope you have a room with a view, somewhere, even if it is for a short time… memories tide us over until the next wonderful opportunity presents itself! Until next time…

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