Pie in the sky sunrise!


What a perfect end to a perfect vacation! We wake up early one morning, we look out the window at the foot of the bed, the oh so large one with the most ultimate view ever, to see a beautiful pink sky… I look out the side door of the bedroom (a door that has one of those half doors, like on Mr Ed, ha ha) to see the BRIGHTEST SUNRISE EVER! I stutter OMG LOOK and we both flew out of bed, Fred was in his flip flops and out on those rocks so fast it would make your head spin, I got to the door before I realized something was up… I can’t see… ugh, back to get my glasses, I grab my glasses and almost make it out the door before thinking… CAMERA! WHERE IS THE CAMERA, I go flying through the cottage, no camera in sight, I yell out the door to Fred, ‘Do you know where the camera is???’ DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE THE CAMERA? ugh… of course I do… I found it!!! Out the door I fly, with my glasses on, my camera in hand and my flip flops on. Now these rocks between the cottage and the ocean aren’t easily walked on, especially in flip flops… I FLEW over those rocks, came to a screeching halt (and you thought I was going to say that I fell, hmmmm) and snap snap snap, each photo better than the one before it! Fred says LOOK, the sky, it looks like pie in the sky! (This was towards the end of the beauty of it all), then we said… PIE? We still have some blueberry pie! Sunrise is over lets head in and EAT PIE!  So those of you who live near me will undoubtedly see me walking… and walking… and walking… to walk off SOME of the wonderful food we ate… We had the best time! Thank you Fred!

2 thoughts on “Pie in the sky sunrise!

    • Thanks! Sunrise can really be special! It really makes the day… better pictures to come, that was the ‘pie in the sky’ pictures and since I had the words I figured I would post that one, ha ha… enjoyed your blog… voted for #2 in the onion debate, ha ha…

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