Dirty (Hairy) Charlie

Dirty Charlie

Bell on door is rung by Charlie, he wants to go out… it’s raining, but he doesn’t mind… I let him out… I am in the middle of making pumpkin bread, so I don’t want to go back to it until he’s back inside. I stand there facing the TV stuck in a stare watching whatever happened to be on at the moment… OK, it’s been a few minutes, where’s Charlie? I peek my head outside…. LEEEEEEEAVE IT I croak! NO NO NO NO NO! GET IN HERE! OK, now he knows he has someone to play with… so I decide against chasing him and come in the house and close the door. Wow, that tactic works! I can get him now, picked him up like a newborn, legs all stuck up in the air… and tossed him in the sink… gave him a bath, cleaned the sink and counters and back to the pumpkin bread I go… he loves to dig up a little mess… he likes to dig with his face as well as his feet… lovely…

Uh oh… bell just rang, have to run folks…  until next time…

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