Can’t forget about the mister… Fred!

I posted my picture yesterday for those of you who don’t know me OR haven’t seen me in a long time… I mentioned how when I read a blog I like to SEE who’s “talking” and if possible WHO they’re talking about. Since I talk about my husband/better half/love of my life, Fred on a pretty consistent basis I thought I would post a picture of him. He’s a handsome devil if I may say so myself. (And Fred, DO NOT email/call and tell me to un-post this… I have my finger on the delete button…) hee hee…

I actually turned the news on today (it’s against everything I believe in, turning the news on that is, it’s depressing and it just makes the world seem a wee bit too screwed up)… while I read the paper… my trick… I sat in the other room, ha ha… listening for the weather… WELL GREAT NEWS! They were saying the temp today is 83, a bit cooler than the past few days AND (this gave me goosebumps I was so happy), this should be the LAST DAY OF 80+ temps this year! WOOOHOOOO!

TIME TO CELEBRATE! Have a wonderful weekend! Until next time…

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