Leo the lion? Not quite… almost… Great Dane!

Yesterday Charlie and I headed for the greenway, a nice day, a wild dog, let me wear him out! Charlie is something of a Walmart greeter. He loves to meet people and more importantly other dogs. The bigger the better. Enter LEO. Leo is a beauty. LEO IS A PUPPY! (I emailed my husband a picture of Leo and his response was… “PUPPY???!!!”) Hard to believe! And… Leo is full of energy. Both dogs stopped and played (as much as they can when on a leash), and owners with their dogs headed in different directions. Charlie and I turned around and headed back only to see Leo on his way… This time (like a crazy person) I asked if I could get a picture (sorry owner, didn’t get your name, ha ha… but I did get your dogs name!), not easily done with both dogs on a leash and a little ahemmmmm, on the rowdy side. Leo is a beauty, I believe his owner said he’s nine months old and likes to play with small dogs… Oh, if only the greenway were fenced in we would have two tired dogs, which is a dream come true when they’re both young and active! Thanks for the picture, and nice to meet you Leo! Hopefully we’ll run into you again, maybe at JI dog park! Until next time…

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