Mickey Williams – Artist – AKA The Moon Rapper!

For those of you who don’t know artist Mickey Williams you need to! Find him on Facebook, trust me, you will be glad you did. His specialty? Stunning paintings of THE MOON. My husband and I started popping in Mickey’s gallery on East Bay Street (Charleston, SC) to talk to him. He’s facinating, he’s hilarious and he LOVES HIS LIFE. It’s so uplifting to be around people who truly love what they do. We only met his wife Jenlu once, but she’s one of those people that you just like so much right off the bat! Mickey is an artist who’s talent goes far beyond the brush, he’s a poet (and trust me, he know’s it!), and we all think he should write a book with some of his Facebook posts! He is a MOON RAPPER, that’s right, the man can rap about the moon like no one else AND he makes it seem easy… Try being in a Rap-Off with him, you don’t have a chance! Check out his paintings, www.mickeywilliams.com.  Besides being an artist, he’s the mayor (ok, so self proclaimed mayor) of East Bay Street, trying to make the street a nicer place to be! Creative beyond words!

It’s hard to get a photo with the moon… this photo was taken in Port Clyde, ME. My husband and I call it a Mickey moon… Check out his website and check him out on Facebook… Go to his gallery and see what I mean!

Until next time…

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