Spring forward… FALL BACK!

FALL BACK…. Most people either love this time of year or despise losing an hour of sunlight… I have mixed feelings… I do love it to get dark early during the colder months…. Do you like the darker earlier time of year?

Photo is from Wiscasset, Maine this September!

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Spring forward… FALL BACK!

  1. HI Barb! It is so dark here in Bucksport, Maine during the day even! It is hard to explain. It is almost like twilight at 12 pm in the afternoon. We have had one day of sun for the last two weeks! It will be getting dark by 3:30 pm in December. It is hard to paint on these dark days. I know what you mean about your husband coming home in the dark. I am impressed you walk 4 miles a day! I need a treadmill! Renee

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