iPad… happy holidays to us… early!

TO: Barbara and Fred FROM: Santa

Well, we got our Christmas shopping for each other done! Woohoo… We bought an iPad and let me tell you (if by chance you haven’t heard of this oh so popular piece of cool equipment!) it is SWEET! First of all, it seems unimaginable HOW it works. Kind of like HOW CAN A PLANE FLY? HOW CAN A BOAT FLOAT? HOW CAN THIS iPAD WORK WITH NO WIRES? Ok, so we aren’t young, but after reading the last few sentences I’m sure that was quite obvious, ha ha…  This thing can do so many things with its ‘Apps’. For those of you out there with an iPad. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE APPS, and WHY?? Help us get into the swing of things! Thanks to those of you (Joe/Robin H and Joe F/dad who have given us pointers!)… That little camera connector thingy that you pop your SD card into… HOLY COW! (Ok, so I just verified for sure that I am old, who says Holy Cow anymore? Ugh)…  So like I said, this is like the sweetest, like coolest, like most awesome thing ever… and it’s going to like turn us into like YOUNG hip people, ha ha…. Until next time…

One thought on “iPad… happy holidays to us… early!

  1. Sounds like a great Christmas present. I have heard there is an art app of some kind. You can draw with your fingers? I have an I touch. I love listening to music while I paint! The speakers on the I touch are not loud enough. But I found I home speakers for 19$ and are very light! Now it is like a concert where ever I paint! People come up and stay longer to watch me paint! I think they love the music.

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