Foggy Morning? Foggy brain?….

As I sit to write this my mind is foggy… Oh, give me a break, just sipping my first cup of coffee and most of it is decaf, ha ha… I checked the weather on my phone and it tells me it’s foggy outside… Hmmm… So I’m assuming it IS foggy somewhere! As is look out the window it’s dark… Very dark… And fog I do not see… But maybe it’s around the corner or at the end of the street? Who am i to say, I’m certainly not a meteorologist! Ha… the picture today was taken in Port Clyde, ME on a foggy day when everything looks grey. I love how those buoys stand out! Here’s hoping you have a stand out kind of day. For me I’m going to try to tackle once again how to publish this post the way i want it in WordPress for iPad… My last few posts haven’t been exactly how I want them…but we’ll see if I can figure out anymore on this one… If anything is screwy just know that it might get better next time… Then again… No promises! Have a great pre-holiday day, until next time…

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