Cup of Joe and a reunion!

Ok, so this isn’t the best photo… I had it on the night setting without realizing it *HEARTBREAKING* at first, then miraculously most of the photos turned out ok, whew! This one is a tad fuzzy but I kind of like it and it’s the only one I have so… Every morning we would walk to the General Store and have breakfast and coffee. Most places we eat it’s about the FOOD, here it’s about the friends. Friends you know from previous years, almost like a reunion as well as friends you meet for the first time. Most of them locals who aren’t really local but visited. Fell in love and moved. While I like to think that we’re in that category a part of me says I’m crazy to think about ever moving away from this kind of weather, at least in the late fall/winter. Ask me again in the summer and I’ll be ready to get out of Dodge. Oh great, that’s not something I’ve heard in the past 40 years, ugh…
Hope you all have a nice pre-holiday day… Until tomorrow… I have something very special planned for you all… Hee hee… Don’t get too excited…

One thought on “Cup of Joe and a reunion!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Barb and Fred. Have a wonderful and blessed day with family and friends. I don’t know if I thanked you or not, but thank you for the beautiful card and article about losing a pet. It really touched my heart. We are all doing good, but miss our Rocky every day. We would like to get a another dog, but not now. We will probably wait next year. Love to you and Fred!

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