Artist to watch! Bjorn Runquist…

What a surprise I had on Thanksgiving morning… I was in the shower and afterI turned off the water I opened the shower curtain to see… A beautiful painting with a sweet Happy Thanksgiving note from my husband, Fred. What guy! It’s an awesome painting by artist Bjorn Runquist. The painting is of one of our favorite places, Port Cyde, Maine. For those of you not familiar with Port Clyde, it’s a small town, our favorite two places other than the General Store are the ice cream shop and the coolest little store called STONEFISH. This painting has both the ice cream shop and Stonefish in it. Most artists we’ve seen paint this from the side view, this is painted straight on and I have to say I LOVE IT!! So thank you Fred!
Check out Bjorn’s website – amazing paintings! We hope to meet him next year. I know he does show his work locally in Charleston at the Horton Hayes gallery… check it out if you get a chance… Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Artist to watch! Bjorn Runquist…

    • Oh yeah, he’s a great guy AND he has a great taste in art! how have you been Scott? Hopefully we can get together this year! Have you made it to Monhegan this year?

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