TIS THE SEASON! Nothing kicks off the season like a Christmas cactus in full bloom. This one was given to us by husband’s parents, and it has bloomed faithfully year after year.
Happy holidays… Funny how this time of year brings lots of memories flooding back… One memory stays with me still… The year Santa and the reindeers landed on the roof AND I HEARD THEM! The next morning I told my mom I heard Santa and the reindeers and she said she heard them too, I couldn’t believe it! I swear I made a little *gasp* noise! I remember looking out the bedroom window to a house across the street, looking to see if we saw hoof prints and an indication that the sleigh may have really been there…. You could SEE THE TRACKS from the sled. To this day I don’t know how it happened. Older people with no children lived in that house, they couldn’t have done it, SO my brilliant deduction… SANTA IS REAL. I love Santa. He’s one cool dude!
I am thankful to have such cool parents, they made things so exciting! I am thankful to have a sister that I am very close with, it made sharing all those memories so much more special! I am thankful for my inlaws, our families, and SO THANKFUL that Charlie is home from the emergency vet…
I am truly blessed to be married to the man of my dreams.
I wish you all very special holidays filled with new memories to last a lifetime…. What are you grateful for? What are your special holiday memories?
Until next time…

2 thoughts on “TIS THE SEASON…

  1. Would you like to nurse our Christmas cactus. It was my mom’s and has not bloomed in about 8 years. It has been to Hyams and was repotted and still has not bloomed. Yours is very nice!

    • Hey Joe! Think it has everything to do with WHAT window you put it in… Hmmm, I’ll have to ask Fred what our sunroom gets… I am no direction genius, ha ha… It gets morning sun, so i would guess east which means it’s probably west, ha ha… It doesn’t get a ton of sun, maybe a few hours. We’ve had it in the window where it received direct light and for the past year it’s gotten indirect light. So its in a bright room but no light actually hits it… Maybe you can find that location in your house, all those beautiful window you have! Maybe on the front side of the house, maybe in the guest room on a dresser. Would that get enough light? If you can’t find a place (and if it isn’t too big) we can take it and try to get it to bloom, might take a year though…? Very poisonous to dogs so we keep it in the middle of the table! Try it in a sunny room and see what happens! Water it about once a week, not too much… That’s all we do! Take care!

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